Seven Oaks Dam and Appurtenances, San Bernardino, CA, USA

Project:Large embankment project (167 m high by 854 m long) consisting of approximately 29 million m3 of rock and earth, part of a multi-faceted mainstream flood control project along the Santa Ana River

System:Double corrosion protected 17 to 23 x 0.6" DYWIDAG strand anchors up to 41 m, 25 mm and 28 mm Ø DYWIDAG resin anchored rock bolts, using GEWI® threadbars

Application:Seismic resistance provided to dam's left abutment by 61 m tall reinforced concrete intake structure tied back with large capacity strand anchors, diversion tunnel roof support, stabilization of rock faces during construction of access roadways

Special Features:Drilling and anchor installation from a mobile working platform moved from the top down at every two tie back rows. Small-bore hole inclination (10°) and heavy, long anchors, required attachment to the anchor end of a pulley expansion device that facilitates tendon installation.

Construction Period:Diversion tunnel: 1992-1994; dam and intake structure: 1994-1999


US Army Corps of Engineers

Structural Design

US Army Corps of Engineers


Odebrecht Contractors of California Inc. (dam and intake structure), Tutor Saliba-Perini (dicerion tunnel)

Drilling and anchor works

Malcom Drilling Co., Inc.

 DSI Services

Supply of 128 double corrosion protected DYWIDAG Strand Anchors 17 to 23-0.6" up to 41m and 40tons of DYWIDAG Resin Anchored Rock Bolts dia. 25mm and dia. 28mm, using GEWI® threadbars; Rental of equipment for anchor installation; Technical assistance.

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