New York Step-Street Stabilized Using GEWI® Rock Bolts

Stabilization of Step Street at 183rd Street / Tiebout Ave., Bronx, NY, USA

In the hilly quarters of New York City, such as in Northern Manhattan and in the Bronx, there are streets consisting entirely of steps. Following an old maxim, these step-streets at one time were constructed on hills that were too steep for constructing normal roads.

One of these step-streets is located at 183rd Street / Tiebout Ave. in the Bronx. It is mainly used by commuters who walk to the train station on top of the hill, thus avoiding major detours. Since the hill around these stairs was showing signs of instability, the city of New York carried out an extensive stabilization project in the summer of 2007.

DSI delivered #8 grade 75: S 520/690 N/mm² epoxy-coated GEWI® Bars from their local factory in Toughkenamon, PA. These bars were installed together with accessories such as hex nuts, eyebolts and anchor plates for use as rock anchors for stabilizing the steep slope wall above the step-street.

The installation and grouting of the 21 ft (6.5m) long double corrosion protected GEWI® Bars were special challenges during this project. The installation steps had to be carried out “from the top down” for every single rock anchor. Highly specialized technicians from JANOD Construction Inc., one of the few specialist firms in the USA for such work, roped down using mountaineering equipment to install the GEWI® Rock Bolts using innovative equipment.


City of New York, Department of Design and Construction, NY, USA

General Contractor

LAWS Construction, Pleasantville, NY, USA


JANOD Construction Inc., USA


Langan Engineering & Environmental Services, New York, NY, USA

DSI Unit

DSI USA, BU Geotechnics, Long Valley, NJ, USA

DSI Scope

Supply of #8 grade 75: S 520/690 N/mm² epoxy-coated GEWI® Rock Bolts incl. accessories: hex nuts, eyebolts and anchor plates

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