DYWIDAG Bar Tendons Stabilize New Testing Laboratory in Canada

A new high-strength floor slab was installed in a testing laboratory at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan Campus (UBCO) in Kelowna, approximately four hours east of Vancouver, Canada. The new slab is needed for testing various structural elements for both public and private research and development programs.

The slab was the first phase of the project, which will eventually incorporate two massive walls to expand the capacity and flexibility of the testing facility. The massive slab measures 20m x 6m and was reinforced with a total of 407 vertically installed, short Ø 36mm DYWIDAG THREADBAR Tendons. The tendons supplied by DSI Canada have bottom anchorages, with the THREADBAR reaching to the concrete surface, and couplers positioned just below the surface level.

DSI installed two types of tendons: 86 DYWIDAG Bar Tendons were installed in the areas of the future massive walls. These bonded tendons will be permanently tensioned and grouted in place after the walls have been constructed.

In addition, 321 unbonded DYWIDAG Tendons are located in the main floor slab. These tendons are oriented in a grid pattern with a spacing of 500mm in each direction. The narrow grid provides a maximum amount of flexibility in the layout of testing equipment and specimens on the slab. The slab tendons are replaceable, which is important should individual tendons become damaged during testing programs.

DSI worked closely with the contractor in designing the optimum Post-Tensioning System and was able to successfully complete the production, supply and installation of the DYWIDAG Tendons within a very tight schedule.


University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus (UBCO), Canada

General Contractor

Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd., Canada

Consulting Engineers

Axis Engineering, Inc., Canada

DSI Unit

DYWIDAG-Systems International Canada Ltd., Western Division, Canada

DSI Scope

Supply of 13,000m of Type T40N/16 DYWI Supply and installation of 407 Ø 36mm DYWIDAG Bar Tendons

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