DYWIDAG Strand Tendons stabilize challenging Pier Footings for Motorway 73 in Quebec

Canadian Highway 73 connects the middle of the Province of Quebec with the south. In 2012, the Quebec Ministry of Transportation awarded the contract for extension of Highway 73 in the municipality of Notre-Dame-des-Pins to the contractor Couillard Construction.

The contract included the construction of the two 365.76m long and 45.72m high east and west structures of bridge P-15582 over the Gilbert River. For two of the three pier footings, the engineer specified 40 permanent, double corrosion protected strand anchors as well as two test anchors.

The specialty contractor Entreprises Michel Beaupied Inc was awarded a contract to install the strand anchors and, in turn, gave an order for the supply of the DYWIDAG Strand Anchors and related equipment as well as technical service to DSI Canada, Eastern Branch.

The pre-assembled, 30.48m long Type 27-0.6“, ASTM A416, 1860MPa DYWIDAG Strand Anchors were supplied to the jobsite coiled on pallets. The 80 strand anchors are protected by corrugated HDPE ducts complete with pre-installed grout tubes and centralizers. In addition to the anchors, DSI Canada also supplied the accessories such as wedge plates, wedges, bearing plates and base plates with welded-on steel trumpets.

When working on the pier footings, the specialty contractor ran into highly fractured rock layers and substantial water issues that required rock consolidation. The anchor holes had to be grouted and re-drilled to ensure water tightness and an alignment of the holes in accordance with the specifications.

The subsequent installation, grouting, testing and stressing of the DYWIDAG Anchors was achieved to the satisfaction of the owner and all companies involved in the project. An experienced team from DSI’s office in Gormley provided technical support on site during the complete construction work, thus contributing to the successful completion of the project within the tight schedule.


Department of Transportation Quebec, Canada

General Contractor

Construction Couillard Ltée., Canada


Entreprises Michel Beaupied Inc (Les), Canada


WSP Canada Inc., Canada


WSP Canada Inc. and Roche ltée, Groupe-conseil, both Canada

DSI Unit

DYWIDAG-Systems International Canada Ltd., Eastern Division, Canada

DSI Scope

Design, production, supply, engineering services, technical support, supervision

DYWIDAG Products

80 double corrosion protected Type 27-0.6” DYWIDAG Strand Anchors

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