DYWIDAG Bar Anchors stabilize Peninsula during Panama Canal Extension

Since 2007, work has been underway on the most comprehensive expansion in the history of the Panama Canal. In addition to a third set of locks, the project also includes several new access channels as well as a third navigation channel. Furthermore, the existing navigation channels are widened and new lock gates are installed that will permit faster opening and closing of the locks.

The capacity of the canal will be doubled: In the future, Panamax-II type ships with a length of up to 366m, a width of 49m and a draft of 15.2m will also be able to navigate the canal.

Within the scope of the project, an access channel is being built that will link the new Pacific lock with the Pedro Miguel Locks towards the North and, further along, with the section of the Canal that is known as Gaillard Cut or Culebra Cut.

North of the Pedro Miguel Locks, a peninsula known as Punta Norte de Cartagena had to be stabilized. For this purpose, the soil was strengthened using cast iron piles.

In addition, several prestressed reinforced concrete girders were placed in the form of a fan into a concrete structure that was formed like a sickle. The girders were anchored using 46mm Ø, Grade 150, double corrosion protected (DCP) DYWIDAG Bar Anchors.

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